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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and Ideals

We can compare the sign of Capricorn to the quality of wisdom, for, like the white peaks of mountains, it reflects a white light of Truth. It is comparable also to principle, that which eternally is. The ideal for these types, as stated in the chapter on self-renewal, is to endeavor to develop the quality of divine love and charity. This great ideal of practicing love is akin to the ideal of all great teachers of mankind who exemplified it in its perfection.

The very minute we determine to establish a high ideal in our lives we are confronted by many adverse and contrary thoughts, for the light of Truth reveals many weaknesses. This is relative, however, for the Capricornians who endeavor to establish love in themselves find that obstacles begin to melt away. Temptations lose their power. They begin to see strength where there was weakness. Trials may confront them, but these are only temporary.

Life takes on a brighter outlook. No matter what Life brings, if the ideal of love is kept resolutely in mind and we allow nothing to swerve us from its attainment, we find that eventually the way becomes smooth; conditions are cleared and new insight into human nature comes to us. The heat of the ideal of love is gradually melting away the old rocks of disillusionment. A great change is taking place within the inner and outer lives of those fortunate tenth-sign persons who have erected their ideal.

Contacts with people become far more beautiful and beneficial. Personal relationships take on new glamour and appeal. The personalities of Capricorn people become radiant, for they have added love to their wisdom. They have laid aside forever such feelings as guilt, fear, resentment, and self-pity. In their place, they substitute strength, understanding, tolerance and love. Not only does Capricorn do this great work for himself, but his thought influences the lives of all whom he contacts. He remakes his world by the great power of the ideal.