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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and Self-Renewal

It is not easy to convince Earth-sign people that a change may be beneficial. They are inclined to get into a rut to follow an old trodden path until some disturbing influence manifesting itself in their circumstances forces them to recognize the need for change. It often takes quite a jolt to rouse Capricorn out of his accustomed patterns or beliefs. Even the best of us, regardless of his sun sign, finds that occasionally he has to undergo a mental "spring cleaning," and set his house in fresh order. Our most immediate "dwelling" is our body, for it is the true temple; when this body temple is functioning perfectly and we radiate abundant health, we react happily to life.

Capricornians, like everyone of us, need to develop love within their hearts. The keynote of transformation for them is to develop this appreciation. "To love those that hate us," is an old but seldom practiced admonition. We are not asked to love the imperfections of our neighbors, but we are asked to see their good points, and to love this truer nature in them. When people use us spitefully, we cannot love them unless we do see in them something of the divinity which is actually there. However, when we can behold this true self which is struggling so hard to appear in them, we develop compassion and open our hearts to them. Without it, we can do nothing worthwhile. We cannot hope to renew our lives. However, with this love, we can have, or do, anything we want. This is a bold statement to make, but love paves the way and performs miracles. It heals, it prospers, it transforms, it renews, it builds, it opens the way for greater wisdom to flow to us.

Love sees no fault or evil. It does not criticize the weaknesses of others, for it knows that these weaknesses will disappear when that struggling soul rounds out his development. Our potential is always with us. Capricorns can aid very substantially in bringing this self to birth and to development.