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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

We cannot measure all people of any particular sign with one yardstick for, due to the placement of planets in personal horoscopes, there is a great variety in individual expression through any one sign. Although there is variety within signs yet there is similarity among all born under the same sign. Thus, we sense an underlying unity of expression in all people born during particular periods of the year-i.e., they share a similar vibratory rate. We are glad that this is true, for it means that the sterling qualities of the tenth sign are, to a great extent, imparted to every one of its natives. We can count upon them to be unyielding in matters which involve principle. We know that they are servers, always ready to do their part in life. They are unchangeable in character, partaking of a certain dignity and poise bestowed by their ruling planet, Saturn.

As marriage partners, then, we can expect Capricornians to live up to what they believe to be the highest of standards; and tenth-sign people demand the same adherence to principle on the part of their mates. These types can, however, be too exacting, and the problem of winning happiness in the marriage relationship means endeavoring to develop a cooperative attitude and making liberal allowances for the weaknesses of others. Marriage gives wonderful opportunities for the development of a good spirit in human relationships. This is tremendously important, inasmuch as marriage is a sacred institution and the life-goal of almost every young person. Successful marriage can be attained if we play the game right-that is, if, instead of trying to rule in partnerships, or, on the other hand, developing a feeling of envy or of jealousy, we learn to react positively to the life experiences of others. We must express a spirit of cooperation wherein we enjoy their successes and share in their burdens. By establishing this type of emotional frame within ourselves, by reacting positively to both good and bad fortune, we are quick to reflect our own attitude of love to our associates. When we are strong, we impart strength to others, and it is this unselfishness that brings about good marriages.