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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and the Problems of Health and Service

Of all astrological signs, the tenth is most famed for its wiry, healthy, physical types destined to live to great old age. Like the symbolical goat, Capricornus, they are proverbially healthy. If they do become ill, their weaknesses are apt to be of a transitory nature. The goat is noted for its endurance. It is the climber which reaches the highest peak and which is sure-footed in its travels. Just so, we find Capricornians to be hardy persons who observe, quite naturally, the rules of good health. They do not overeat; and, at the same time, have the good fortune to be the proud possessors of fine digestive systems. (Remember the goat's reputation in matters relating to menus and digestion.) Then, length of days are in the hands of tenth-sign people, and problems of health should present no great difficulty to them.

As to the ability to perform work, these people are the born workers of the zodiac. Even as very young children, we find them longing to help in household duties. They excel in lines coming under the dominion of their ruler Saturn, and also in professions or trades under the jurisdiction of the Earth signs. Saturn rules hide and leather; miners, excavators, farmers, landlords, coal- and land-dealers. These types are systematizers, organizers, and executives. Saturn gives us persons who are thoughtful and prudent; who are conservative, and of a serious turn of mind. They enjoy work, especially when they can exercise executive ability. Capricornians may be slow and plodding, but no task is too difficult for them. Like the goat, they butt their way through obstacles only to enjoy a tough climb to the top of the hill.

People of the sign are fortunate in securing permanent positions if they find that life makes this necessary. Any employer of a Capricorn native very soon discovers he has a priceless worker; one who is thinking of the results of his labor and not of the personal reward. As housekeepers and home-makers, Capricornians win first prize among the twelve zodiacal types.