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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and the Problems of Love and Happiness

Capricornians can live alone and like it, but they need companionship to be most happy. What is it that brings about the solution to problems of happiness in the lives of these types? It is really no great Herculean task to unravel this tangle, if such should be, in the lives of Capricornians. It is simply a matter of learning to adjust themselves to others, and of our learning to win their love and respect through positive attitudes. We all receive great satisfaction through expressing love to others. If we are members of clubs or organizations, we receive happiness from these mutually beneficial associations. Thus, the ability to get along with others develops the social instinct in us, and is related to love.

This desire for true love is rooted in mankind, and is a fundamental yearning within each one of us. Its outlet and expression is necessary to permanent happiness. Many persons are unhappy because they cannot realize that their dissatisfaction is because they have failed to make any social contacts; have failed to unite with groups working for some ideal. Thus they find no outlets for their social instincts. They have no objectives toward which to direct their affections.

Capricorns are true and permanent in their love. They are attracted to people born in their own earth triplicitynamely, to Taurians and Virgoans, and also to members of their own sign. They are congenial with the water sign types of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Once they set their love upon an object or a person, they stick to that through thick and thin. The poet tells us that the friends we seek are seeking us, and that the love we pour out shall be returned to us; that, after all, no love is ever lost or unrequited in the great universal scheme of things; and that it will be answered by someone, for such is the law of cause and effect.

The highest love may require the sacrifice of our immediate interests and, at the time of the sacrifice, we may not see the greater reward. Then do we attain this goal of happiness by faith winning it through the expression of love.