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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and the Home

People born under the dominion of the tenth sign are independent, proud, determined, and even defiant, yet paradoxically, they possess a gentleness of nature. To win them to our way of thinking, we should appeal to their reason. Earth sign types, although characteristically stubborn, will listen to reason if approached in the right way. It is only when the people of this sign are undisciplined that they manifest unruly qualities and are considered difficult persons with whom to deal. Associating with Capricorns in the home environment, we must remember all of these things. If we, ourselves, are born in the sign, then knowing our inborn tendencies may help us modify ourselves until our paths lead toward happiness.

We can know that any home managed by a Capricorn individual is one of perfection as to its routine, standards, and actual performance of service to those dwelling therein. Thrifty and exacting, their dwellings are spotlessly clean. Their homes reflect their inner selves, for we find the Capricorn dwellings cheerful, healthful, happy, domains where everyone is cared for, loved and valued as life's supreme and cherished blessing. Capricorn people love their homes. To them they are the most sacred places on earth, and they will fight for them, preserve them, and cherish them at all costs.

We think of Capricorn in connection with the snow white peaks of mountains, for theirs is the sign of purity and godliness. The white-capped mountain peaks have always represented the very highest symbols on earth, and have been worshipped by people throughout the ages as earth's closest contact with Divinity. Then, Capricornians have an opportunity of bringing much of this divine quality down to earth and into their homes. Theirs is a rare privilege.

People under the guidance of a tenth-sign person are in the hands of a fine teacher, one who can be severe, but who will also guarantee to develop their characters.