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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and Human Relationships

We find that, while in the realms of supply and finance a Capricornian should be capable of holding his own, in the zone of human relationships, which are so much involved with the heart, he may need to exercise a totally different phase of his nature, and make adjustments to achieve the greatest peace and satisfaction here. Persons who are too unyielding, unless this inflexibility is based upon an ideal of absolute unselfishness, can cause great bitterness in family life. Although the majority of Capricornians do have the kindest of hearts, it is possible to find certain ones of the clan who, "like the goats outside of the fold," shut themselves away from happy human associations through some obstinate streak in their characters.

People who are severe, or who become quickly irritated at the actions of others, are never happy themselves; and certainly their close relatives feel the heavy burden of their dispositions. People who have suffered limitations themselves often become harsh with others in the same position. There is always a reason why anyone of any sign acts in the way he does, and we can feel tolerant toward him if we understand this. When we find the reasons behind disagreeable qualities in ourselves, or in others, we can then try to cure this ill. Through understanding we rid ourselves of complexes.

It is not good to be too submissive over-severe types. If we become submissive, it only indicates that we are not thinking for ourselves, and that we do not have sufficient courage to face the wrong thought in the mind of another. We must be aggressive enough to be capable of adjusting the situation and helping to restore a balance in family relationships. If we do not attempt to exercise some discipline in our relationships with others, they, in turn, adopt an attitude of superiority, and matters are never adjusted in a cooperative spirit. Capricorn people know all of this, for they are students of human nature who practice self-control, discipline and tolerance. Capricornians are teachers who, themselves, are capable of learning valuable lessons from others.