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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and Finances

People who are conservative, observing Nature's law of using everything to the best advantage, are rewarded by Nature. Careless people who waste the substances of Nature -whether food, clothing, or time-cannot escape punishment even when these careless habits are not observed by others. Nature knows when we attempt to preserve her resourcs, and the conservative Capricornians are very richly rewarded for their desire to help the world through conserving energy and the saving all that is useful.

Very often Capricornians are born into families which demand that they accept a careful early training which builds strong character and prepares them to handle both success and hardship. They thrive upon this discipline and regulation and enjoy the rugged life which is devoid of excesses of any kind. Thus, Capricornians learn, even very young, to make their environments submit to them, and they never admit defeat. The power that is within them is superior to any outer circumstances; and, although their roads may not at first seem "strewn with roses," their recognition of Truth, and the sheer power of their determination enables them eventually to clear these conditions. Their efforts win rewards, making them capable not only of directing their own affairs, but also those of others.

These types never shrink from opposition. They enjoy the hard climb to positions of prominence, and hold their places once attained. With sure-footed ascent, they rise through exhibition of managerial talent to high executive positions in the business world. Thus we see the strong points of the sign displaying themselves through many activities. To resist a Capricorn means to struggle against a bull-dog nature; and, unless we are prepared to battle, it is best to allow them free passage. When we need a good fighter in the financial world, one who resists all obstacles, we can do no better than to put a Capricornian on the job. Like his ruling planet Saturn, he is invincible.