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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn Achieves the Goal

When young Capricorn children strive to serve, they are expressing an instinct developed from their sign. Nature is telling these youthful Capricornians that service is a prime goal in their lives. They long to help their mothers even before they are requested to do so. Nature is their teacher. We do not need to show a child how to play joyfully for Nature so instructs him. Just so, Capricornians have a goal in their heart of hearts, and this goal, although it is often linked with fame and fortune, is essentially that of rendering assistance to others.

The sign of Capricorn rules the knees of the human body, and knees signify humility and service, but never servitude. The knee bends to show the spirit of reverence, and reverence carries with it the desire to help. To be good servants, then, we must have the qualifications which Capricornians possess-namely, the physical strength, the determination and the goal.

By developing a certain philosophy in life, Capricornians can make themselves emotionally strong, independent of the adverse suggestions of others. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, the Capricorn ideal is something to cling to in times of stress. Character, such as is possessed by these types, becomes a support for others to lean upon also. And when tenth-sign people are discovered for what they truly are, the public does not hesitate to acclaim them. We find tenth-sign people becoming successful organizers, people who can be trusted to wield power wisely over others because they have learned to handle themselves. They do not fly off on tangents. They exemplify reverence, perseverance and humility. Enduring; through patience and caution, precision and determination, they achieve not only the goal of self-control but that outer counterpart of this inner stability, worldly success. The establishment of the goal and its attainment does require effort but, to people who delight in service and devotion, this undertaking is one of supreme joy.