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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and Friendship

In addition to fame and success we all desire true and lasting friendships. We all desire to have objectives in our social relationships and to find interest in the activities of our associates. We cannot just drift aimlessly from day to day with no higher aim than to attain success for ourselves, or to accumulate a fortune. We must have these companionable relationships which cause our emotions to grow, and our hearts to respond in unselfish affection.

To win and hold friends, Capricorn learns to think about himself and his own reactions as though they were apart from himself. He learns to view himself as if he were another individual, to be impersonal and objective. When we are capable of so objectifying ourselves, we can often spot some defect which is preventing people from liking us. Until faults are seen, it is impossible to correct them. Someone has said that we are all willing to do what is right when we know what is right. We want to travel in life in the right path, but what is its direction? Astrology, then, is a way-shower, and one of its missions is to point out the right path.

In order for Capricornians to form friendships they must develop an appreciation for the feelings of others. We learn not only to view ourselves objectively, but we learn also to view other people as if they were ourselves. We begin to feel as our friend does regarding his own successes and failures, and we can truly rejoice with him when some good bit of fortune comes his or her way. This is cooperation, and this spirit determines our ability to make and hold friends. We learn to visualize ourselves as loving and kind, and never picture ourselves as hard or obstinate. If we desire this ideal of love, slowly but surely life will help us work out our human relationships, and friendships will present problems to us, but form the chief source of our happiness.