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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and Success

We find a great many people of this sign riding the tide of success, for the tenth sign, like the tenth house in a horoscope, is associated with fame and good fortune. When Capricornians have learned the art of hewing character out of their natural qualities, and have developed the necessary love, they can rise to great heights. It appears that the fates have decreed that this shall be so, for the tenth-sign individual meets with less difficulty than do people in some of the other signs when it comes to the ability to achieve great success.

As organizers and business managers, they are right at home. They are fortunate in the political world, and are elected to office. After they win the love of their co-workers they hold positions once attained. Although they do possess a great deal of personal ambition, Capricornians think of the welfare of others also. If this were not true, life would not have elected them to fill high places; would not reserve the chief seats for them. It is because the humble servant proved himself to be true in very small and insignificant matters, that life gave him greater opportunity, for the same effort and love which are required to do an insignificant work are needed to perform greater duties. It requires the same physical effort to stoop and pick up a pencil as a diamond.

If, in addition to performing their tasks well and fulfilling their obligations, they add interest and affection for others, and see that they are holding the banner of unselfishness high, there is nothing to prevent Capricornians from maintaining their high places once achieved. These people know the keen joy that comes from true achievement. It is one of the greater rewards of right living. Lasting fame is the result of character, service, and work, all three of which Capricornians abundantly possess and can perform.