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Capricorn - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Capricorn and Self-Knowledge

When we enter the sign of Capricorn, we touch a quality that is indicative of strength, both spiritual and physical. The typical person of the tenth sign is a born worker, one who delights in performing the mundane tasks of the world, and who, through performance of these duties, raises himself by his own power in the estimation of all who know him. Instinctively, the Capricorn natives feel they are born to achieve greatness; and, even as very young children, we find them striving toward goals which impart that incentive to continue onward and upward, toward ever higher and wider accomplishment. Like the goat, the symbolic animal of this sign, Capricornians are determined to reach the top of the highest peak in life, and they know instinctively that this highest point is involved with the ideal of service to mankind. It is said that they are "hewers of wood and drawers of water," which simply means they are willing to perform even the humblest tasks for human welfare.

In undeveloped persons of the tenth sign, the desire to attain may be corrupted to ambition, and it is not uncommon to find people born in Capricorn striving for many years to achieve prominence. As their sign is related astrologically to the tenth house, we find that they do win success in their chosen lines becoming leaders in business or politics. Women attain prominence in club work, social service, and home management.

Capricornians are conservative; and, by practicing economy, they stretch the dollar unbelievably far. These dependable relatives of the astrological element Earth become the builders, the economists, the fundamentally-practical individuals whose common sense leads them through many hardships to that victory which awaits the persistent and the enterprising. Also, tenth sign people are proud. They are interested in genealogy, respectful of background and tradition. Conservative and positive, they are sometimes considered dictatorial and obstinate, for they have a peculiar power of resistance which they exercise toward both people and circumstances, thus making their environment submit to them. As we proceed we shall understand why these interesting people win honors for themselves.