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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and Success

Retiring Cancerians do not impress us with an eagerness to achieve public recognition or acclaim. However, this urge may stir beneath that surface indifference. If we know human nature, we know that everyone, including these retiring persons, have such desires, and that they, above the individuals of all other signs, respond to approbation and praise. If these people do not receive some recognition from their 63 immediate associates, they tend to withdraw into their "shell," from which they will not emerge unless coaxed out by friends. The problem of the Cancerian is to bolster up his self-esteem and convince himself that he is born to achieve great things. The psychologists recite the value of auto-suggestion. They tell us that we are more apt to succeed if we never permit the thought of failure to enter our minds. There is a vast difference between vanity or conceit and the positive success idea: One is based upon selfishness, and the other originates from a thought of service to others.

If Cancerians select a line of work that is congenial to their sun sign, they should find no difficulty in achieving public recognition, for the Moon, their ruling orb, draws great numbers of people to them. They can direct large groups-even the mobs, if the case so warrants. These types make useful historians or archaeologists. They excel in book collecting and in managing book stores which sell both new and old volumes. They make successful ministers who delight in the performance of ceremony. They revel in beauty as it is appears in music, candles, silver ornaments and ancient rites. These are the types who give humanity both spiritual and physical food.

Cancerians should know, then, that, if they follow the "bent" of their lunar ray, life will reward them with works of service to perform. They win acclaim and admiration from others, which they should receive in the gracious spirit of humility, knowing that they are merely fulfilling the destiny of their sign.