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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and Ideals

Ideals are important for two reasons: They give us direction, and they give us something to cling to in times of stress. To be emotionally stable, we must have something higher than our familiar personality, something toward which we can aim regardless of the vicissitudes of life. People with ideals have a reality upon which they can lean and which makes them independent of the personal opinions of others and steady when upheavals occur. They are independent and self-directed. Ideals are like a rock upon which a house is constructed: storms may come and the winds blow, but nothing can disturb a dwelling so established. In like manner, when the lives of Cancerians are founded upon the rock of principle, no life tempest is sufficiently strong to uproot it.

The Cancer person, above all types, finds it necessary to have an ideal, for he is sensitive and reactive to the winds of fortune and to others' unkind words. Cancerians can avoid much unnecessary suffering by developing a positive attitude, and by directing their lives from their ideals. It is remarkable how quickly a person's individual life will respond to the call of the ideal. Although we may have apparently slipped downhill through illness or misfortune, the ideal has that super-power to uplift and remake the life. People down through the ages have found this most practical help in religious ideas.

To the Cancerian, this ideal may take the form of the saint, the hero, the artist; the ideal home; service well done; or creative work within the environment of the home itself. Each one of us senses his own highest objective: It is that star toward which we aim and which advances as we rise toward it. Thus Cancerians discover that self-renewal is connected with the establishing of an ideal which gives direction, purpose, and meaning to their lives.