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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

It is the dream of each fourth-sign girl to have a home of her own. Fate very kindly brings this about early in life for the majority of them, inasmuch as the typical Cancerian finds that she runs true to the prophecy of her sun sign. Thus, we find her planning and saving for the future. The Cancer man is also inclined to build and preserve this institution, practicing economy, and making it a center of fruitfulness. Their homes are not only practical centers, but are artistic and beautiful. We think of them as oases in which fountains of happiness play.

Because of many character assets, Cancer people make excellent partners. They are due for great wedded happiness. If they are drawn into other types of partnerships such as business ventures, Cancerians succeed chiefly because they value the human element above the merely mechanical operations. To hold the physical unit of the home or partnership together is desirable, but always to remember the effects of one's behavior and attitudes upon the persons concerned is even more so. Yet people often fail to consider their mates and business partners; neglect to work cooperatively with them or try to see things from their points of view. Fourthsign people can project themselves into another's station and work with him from this angle. It is this feeling for others that establishes lasting relationships in marriage. In this relationship we learn forbearance.

It is good to remember at this point that many cases of disharmony result from people being stimulated to act in certain ways by uncontrollable drives within themselves. The wise Cancerian learns to help these individuals understand and correct this behavior, bringing forth better relationships from this understanding. Selfishness is destructive, but selflessness and understanding form the basis of happy human partnerships. It is understanding that makes people considerate, and it is love that gives us decent values in life.