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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and the Problems of Health and Service

The typical Cancer type is rounded and plump, rather than lean and angular; often of medium height; inclined to be overweight, especially in later life. This last characteristic derives from the retentive nature of the sign which draws and accumulates both energy and substance. We recall the ability of the crab to grasp and hold. The fourth sign of the zodiac ruling the breasts and stomach makes the problem of food and digestion of paramount importance to Cancerians. They are interested in the dainties of the table and, although not given to conviviality, they enjoy the fruits of Nature. Thus, they may become subject to obesity and shortness of breath, the difficulties common to persons who overindulge their appetites. If these types wish to maintain good health and to enjoy youthfulness to a great old age, they must learn to eat the right foods. In these modern times there are many fine books on the subject of diet which can be studied with profit by the fourth-sign person.

As service, health, and work are inter-dependent, the Cancerian who finds the "path of health" also finds ways to fill his hours with service, if not in the home, then in an office, or directly with the public. Moon-ruled types understand the public, and the public, in turn, appreciates them. They make successful apartment-house managers, know how to run profitable summer-resorts. Also, along more aesthetic lines, Cancerians make successful teachers, writers, historians and church workers. This is a versatile sign-capable, thorough, exacting, critical, and usually successful. Cancerians have a firm grasp upon reality, and thoroughly enjoy life to old age. Life and good health are qualities the crab values, and holds as his own by right.