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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and the Problems of Love and Happiness

If we desired to select a person who could personify the typical home-maker, the individual born in the sign of Cancer should be the representative type, according to astrological lore. However, in the actual world of living beings, we often find people born in this fourth sign who do not live up to their high calling. In astrology we find what are known as developed sun-sign types, and also the undeveloped members of that sign. When Cancerians are full-fledged examples of their high calling, we can count on it that life brings them love and happiness, for individuals who are constantly looking out for the welfare of others find that their own problems are solved through the law of cause and effect automatically operating in the Universe.

These types are highly sensitive; their feelings are easily wounded, especially by persons of the impetuous fire-signs, namely Arians, Leos and Sagittarians. When Cancer adopts a philosophic attitude toward life, these high-powered "arrows" of fire signs lose their power to wound. People who are "thin-skinned" are subject to wounds. Knowing this, these types are inclined to retreat within their own natures, automatically shielding themselves from a harsh environment. This is very harmful to any type, and particularly to Cancerians. Therefore, to tread the road of happiness, they should endeavor to overcome this extreme sensitiveness. They should try to forget past injuries, not allowing their retentive minds to dwell upon unpleasant recollections. Also, Cancer types should learn to develop will power to meet these natural weaknesses of their sign.

They are attractive persons, exercising a magnetic appeal. People tend to wear a path to their doors, enjoying the sheltering atmosphere of their protective presence. This, the sign of sympathy, protection, and love gives us the highest type of persons. They attract members of the opposite sex and are faithful lovers; if they have a fault in love, it is possessiveness rather than lack of interest and forgetfulness.