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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and the Home

Astrologically speaking, the crab, symbol of Cancer, signifies the meaning of the home. When Cancerians enter this domain and determine to accomplish Hercules' fourth labor, they do not hesitate to assume this obligation. In fact, nearly every Cancerian considers his home his most cherished possession. The problems of the home form the life-work of these people who regard all other business as subservient. They are willing to work outside the home to maintain these fires more brightly, and they are willing to shoulder great responsibilities outside the home to see that those who dwell therein receive the right opportunities. Of such great importance is this area to these types that their real problem is learning to share the home with their relatives in a group spirit rather than selfishly possessing it. Cancerians realize this and are in a position to make home the headquarters of an outstanding success.

These people delight in beautifying their surroundings. They are fond of all shades of blue and green for they suggest the restfulness of the sea. They love the sparkling sterling silverware sets which may have graced the family table for many years. Silver is a very useful metal to them inasmuch as it is ruled by the moon and draws good luck to them through its magnetism. We find these types fond of gardening and housework. They enjoy the preparation of meals and delight in serving them to perfection, observing all of the rules of etiquette.

Above all things, Cancerians do not like persons to display discourtesy in the sacred domain of their homes. They delight in pleasant social gatherings, but appreciate form and the ceremony of good usage. To understand the extreme conservatism of the Cancer type, and to respect this love and esteem for their homes, is to win their confidence and admiration. It is their sacred shrine, their pride and glory; from it the fruits of service come to them.