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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and Human Relationships

Family ties mean much to persons of this sign who are so attached to the home and kin. The greatest problem of human association for Cancerians is learning to allow others the freedom they desire for themselves. The tendency of this sign is to hold and possess; therefore, it is through possessiveness that they cause disharmony in personal relationships. When fourth-sign people learn to live and work with others in the spirit of cooperation-understanding its value, loving it and desiring to express it at every opportunitythey lose that little selfish possessiveness which works havoc in their lives. If the Cancerian is an astrologer, he knows his own weaknesses, and definitely makes up his mind to counteract these by development of more positive traits. Whatever we desire to develop and make an effort to use will then begin to grow for us. The ability to associate with our relatives while allowing them individual expression is an expression of harmony.

All people, regardless of sun sign, have this selfish tendency; and especially the members of the more possessive signs. Through the use of reason, they learn to exercise the greater gifts lying dormant within them, until their closer associates recognize a higher nature shining through. We may then use our human relationships to express ourselves, to release our higher natures. If we cannot do this in the midst of the group, we cannot accomplish it anywhere else.

Cancerians are very honest people. They are willing to face their little weaknesses and overcome them. They know also that the great and wonderful qualities that lie within them cannot pour forth unless the lid of selfishness is removed. They then acquire attitudes that give happiness to others as well as to themselves. They learn to share what nature has so generously bestowed upon them.

These people are often critical, but they can learn to use this constructively by appreciating others, expressing tolerance, always looking for that good point which is there awaiting discovery by just such an observant person as the sympathetic Cancerian.