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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and Finances

From time immemorial people have associated money with luck. The unthinking identify luck with chance, which may be either good or bad, being based upon no law or principle. Astrologers, however, know that what appears to be chance-and particularly the "lucky chance" in regard to finances-is really the outcome of a universal law operating invisibly. There is actually no such thing as "luck." If Cancer people appear to have good luck in regard to their finances, it is because they have intelligently benefited from the operation of natural ~laws. What are some of the principles that every Cancer person should know if he is to be successful?

These people are so thrifty they hardly need be reminded to conserve; in fact, their weakness may consist in being miserly. Their attention should be centered upon the productive phases of life, learning in what direction their talents lie and using them. Cancerians are excellent managers of hotels or resorts. They are good at the selection and preparation of food. They know how to serve the public, and make excellent managers and clerks. People under the influence of the moon are fine homemakers, grocers, milk dealers, waitresses, fishermen and brewers. If they select a favorable new moon, especially one which is in a good relation to Jupiter or to Venus, to begin some new enterprise in keeping with their talents, they should be on the high road to financial success, and it will not be just "luck." These people, above members of all the other signs, are privileged to use new moons by beginning new ventures under their potent influence. Ideas, plans and activities take root quickly when started at the time of a lunation. Watch your calendar for the time of the new moon; then start some new project, and you will be surprised to find that your plan will develop quickly.