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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer Achieves the Goal

The question that presents itself is: "Do any of us ever achieve the goal of life?" We may win victories from time to time, but it appears that we are forever achieving, ever striving toward something greater and higher. It is odd that this is true, for it means that we are eternally enjoying the thrill of a quest. As someone has said, we enjoy the trip as much as the destination. However true this is, we like to feel that we are actually getting somewhere. The vexing question iswhat is the goal toward which we should strive? Many persons waste years of their lives building air castles; unless these air castles are founded upon some substantial principle, they may never concretize.

Cancerians feel uncertain in life unless they have a firm base of operations upon which to erect their dreams. They are willing to spend many years in quiet seclusion until the material side of their ideal is perfected. This may be the creation of a perfect home, one of the highest of ideals. It may be the desire to perfect an art, such as music, which requires many years to achieve. Cancerians quietly plan their dreams in the still hours of the night-especially during the nights of the full moon, for at these times the creative imagination of these moon-ruled people is unusually active. They are intuitive, and inspiration will come to them through the inner voice of guidance, or as an idea; or, perhaps, through the reading of a book, or a word spoken to them by a friend.

It is important that these types remember to cultivate a helpful and impersonal attitude toward their life-objectives, endeavoring to base their ideals upon some universal principle which will benefit larger groups. When their objective is unselfish, strange as it may seem, personal wishes are granted.