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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer and Friendship

A person who has long-standing friendships is bound to possess qualities that encouraged these relationships. Cancerians do have mental and emotional characteristics that make them helpful, kind, and appreciative. They remember any kindnesses shown to them and return them in good measure, for they delight in expressing this deep inner regard. We find Cancerians attracted to persons born in their own water triplicity-namely, Scorpio and Pisces. They are also harmonious with those born in the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

We class Cancerians as formative. They long to create something that can be handled and used. In groups they are constructive forces for good, whose desire to help humanity may take the turn of organizing clubs or societies which have as their objective the physical betterment of society, especially aid to needy children. Cancer, the sign of the mother and the home, is also the symbol of the universal mother. These people have interest in the welfare of the many.

Although the spiritual quality of friendship often begins with a limited personal relationship, it is a seed that grows into a sheltering tree under which any needy individual may find rest. Cancer types who have outgrown the limitations of the personal "shell," the symbolical crab, find that, like the waters of the sea, they have a vaster range. They alone are privileged to radiate this powerful protective quality. They have the fine ability of making friends with persons of all ages. Young people of the sign delight in sharing their homes with their friends in happy social gatherings. These are our excellent hostesses.

Although these types do form lasting friendships, the more inclusive their love becomes, the greater reward life gives them in the form of fulfilled hopes and wishes. By helping others along the way, their own "boat of life" is carried as by a mysterious power to the "port of joy." Thus, performing the eleventh labor of Hercules is really no problem to fourthsign people, but is in line with their natural proclivities.