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Cancer - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Cancer: [Self-Knowledge]  [Finances]  [Human Relationships]  [The Home]  [Love]  [Health]  [Marriage]  [Self-Renewal]  [Ideals]  [Success]  [Friendship]  [Goals] 

Cancer and Self-Knowledge

Cancer is Nature's most sacred sign, inasmuch as it is closely associated with motherhood and with the home. The fourth sign of the Zodiac is astrologically akin to the very foundation of life, which supreme value, reflecting upon Cancerians, makes them the very salt of the Earth, the basis of life, instinct with intense love of home and family.

These people are naturally conservative. They dislike innovations, dread to make new starts, or to adopt untried methods. This is the sign of memory, a most valued natural gift. Cancerians seldom forget either an injury or, on the other hand, any kindnesses shown to them. Out of their retentiveness comes delight in the study of ancient lore, history, biographies, and antiques. These are our natural book collectors, stamp collectors, and assemblers of historical facts. Wedded to tradition, they delight in retrospection, in recalling pleasant happenings of years ago. They delight in recollected beauty. Family photographs adorn their homes, for they never forget former happy associations. With this penchant for retrospection and their dependable conservatism, these people cherish their present human relationships as the greatest value in life. They are sympathetic and protective, a friend of children and the aged, always considerate and helpful to others. Cancerians love admiration and praise, and we may win their friendship by demonstrating that we do appreciate their fine qualities.

The silvery moon is the ruling orb of this sign, and its phases and positions relative to the earth are tremendously important to Cancerians. New moons, according to ancient lore, have very important meanings to the fourth sign. As we proceed, we shall understand how Cancerians may use lunar forces to good purpose in their lives.