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Biography (N) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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NORTON, JOHN: A native of Goshen, Connecticut, and a captain in the Revolutionary War. He removed to Bennington, Vermont, in 1785, where in 1793 he started the manufacture of red earthenware, the first pottery in Vermont. Captain Norton retired from the pottery in 1823 and the business was continued by his sons, Luman and John, and it eventually became the United States Pottery Company, which under the management of Christopher Webber Fenton (q.v.) made the Bennington ware famous in American pottery products.

NOYES, JOHN (1674-1749): Boston silversmith, quite prominent in the community and brother-in-law of John Edwards (q.v.).

NOYES, SAMUEL S.: Circa 1810. Cabinet-maker at East Sudbury, Massachusetts, has left several labeled pieces.