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Biography (K) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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KAUFFMANN, ANGELICA (1741-1807): A painter of portraits and historical subjects, also celebrated as a decorative artist. She was employed by the brothers Adam in decorating the painted furniture of the period.

KENT, WILLIAM (1684-1748): English furniture designer and architect of considerable influence. He was also a painter and sculptor. His furniture was designed to conform to his architectural style, in which work he was the forerunner of Robert Adam (q.v.). He designed most of the furniture for "Houghton," the seat of Sir Robert Walpole. An account of the furniture designs of Kent is in the ANTIQUARIAN, Vol. 14, p. 43. He occupied an extremely important place in the arts and crafts of his day.

KIERSTEDE, CORNELIUS (1675-?): New York silversmith who removed to New Haven, Connecticut, in 1722. His early work is in characteristic Dutch style, but after his removal from New York he appears to have blended the Dutch with the styles of the English silversmiths, to which he added unusual touches which seem to distinguish his work from that of any other craftsman. He was still living in 1753.

KILBOURN, SAMUEL Pewterer of Baltimore who is listed in the directory as working there from 1814 to 1824. His work is of excellent quality and specimens are rare.

KRAMER, CHRISTIAN (1773-1858): Glass-maker born in Germany who came to America in his early years. In 1797, he began making glass at New Geneva, Pennsylvania, and later, with others, started a glass factory at Greensboro, Pennsylvania (q.v. PART 3), where flint and bottle glass in various colors and designs was produced of excellent quality. According to one authority he will rank as one of the greatest of our early glass-makers.