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Biography (J) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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JACQUARD, JOSEPH MARIE (1752-1834): Born in Lyons, France. He was the son of a weaver and, being familiar with his father's trade, he endeavored to make improvements in the looms then in use, which finally resulted in the loom known the world over as the jacquard loom, which provided for weaving large and complex patterns.

JARVES, DEMING (1791-1869): Founder of Boston and Sandwich Glass Company in 1825. He was born in Boston and from 1818 to 1825 had been connected with the New England Glass Company at Cambridge. Jarves was a man of exceptional ability, he understood all of the mechanics of glassmaking, was far-sighted and inventive. Under his leadership "Sandwich" glass became known everywhere for its excellent quality and artistic variety. Jarves remained at Sandwich until 1858 when he resigned and started the Cape Cod Glass Company, also at Sandwich. It was not a successful venture and after the death of Jarves it was disposed of.

JEROME, CHAUNCEY (1793-1860): A Connecticut clock-maker born in Canaan. In 1821 he moved to Bristol and started in business for himself. He inaugurated the one-day clock with brass works instead of wooden, for shelf clocks, and it was a great success. It revolutionized American clock-making and brought Jerome a fortune. Wooden works were from that time discontinued by clock-makers generally. A large part of Jerome's product was exported to Europe. His last years were clouded with misfortune but his name will always rank among those of the leaders in the clock-making industry. He was the author of History of the American Clock Business for the Past 60 Years, published 1860.

JOHNSON, THOMAS: Cabinet-maker in London of the time of Chippendale. He was notable as a designer of frames for pier glasses, ovals and girandoles in the Rococo style.

JONES, GERSHON: Pewterer of Providence, Rhode Island, at work there before the Revolution and after. Specimens of his pewter are decidedly rare.

JONES, INIGO (1573-1652): Architect and designer, the "Father of English Classic Revival." Born in London, he was the dictator of style during the reign of Charles I. He left many examples of his work in celebrated palaces and homes of the wealthy. His masterpiece is considered to be the Banqueting House at Whitehall. His classic chimney-pieces were carved in wood, stone and marble by imported Italian workmen.