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Biography (I) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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INCE, (W.) and MAYHEW, (J.): English cabinet-makers operating as Mayhew and Ince. In 1748, they published The Universal System of Household Furniture, which included directions for the workmen in executing the designs for tables, chairs, book-cases, mirror frames, etc. Lockwood says that the work of Ince made him a close rival of Chippendale, and Macquoid ranks him among the best cabinet-makers of the period. He was the most active partner, and the firm continued in existence for many years.

INGRAHAM, ELIAS (1805-1885): He was born in Marlboro, Massachusetts, but went early to Bristol, Connecticut, where he began the manufacture of clocks and was the founder of a business still running. He originated the so-called "Sharp Gothic" pattern of case for shelf clocks, which soon became familiar everywhere. He did not patent the design and it was copied extensively by other clock-makers, owing to its popularity.

IVES, CHAUNCY: Chauncy, Joseph and Lawson Ives were clock-makers at Bristol, Connecticut, from about 1810 to 1836.