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Biography (F) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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FENTON, CHRISTOPHER WEBBER (1806-1865): American potter born in East Dorset, Vermont, and one of a family of pioneer American potters. To Fenton was due much of the success of the Bennington pottery (q.v. PART 2) while he was identified with the factory from 1846 to 1858. Fenton's ability and energy as a business promoter, rather than as a practical potter, give him the important place he holds today in the history of American pottery. While he was at Bennington the factory became famous for its Parian white, granite and Rockingham wares.

FESSENDEN, LAFAYETTE: Succeeded Deming Jarves in 1858 as manager of the Sandwich Glass Works.

FISK, WILLIAM (1770-1844): A cabinet-maker who made clock cases for Aaron and Simon Willard and other clock-makers.

FLAXMAN, JOAN (1755-1826): Sculptor and designer employed by Wedgwood. He designed some of the most exquisite of the relief decorations used on Wedgwood's jasper ware, and his modeling work made him famous, and did much to make the fame of Wedgwood. In 1787 he went to Rome and remained there seven years, sculpturing. In later years, he designed many famous monuments and became a leader in the British school of sculpture, although he was more skillful as a modeler than as a sculptor, and more successful in his bas-reliefs than in his treatment of the round.

FORSTER, JACOB (?-1838): A cabinet-maker in Charlestown, Massachusetts, from 1781 until the time of his death. He was born in Berwick, Maine. A chest of drawers with his label dated 179? shows workmanship of excellent character.

FROMANTEEL, AHASUERUS: From a family of Dutch clock-makers, mentioned as early as 1630, who came to London. He was a member of the Clockmakers Company in 1632 and he is said to have introduced the use of the pendulum in England.

FROTHINGHAM, BENJAMIN (1734-1809): Cabinet-maker, born in Boston, established in Charlestown in 1756, and with the exception of seven years given to the service of the American cause in the Revolution, he pursued his trade until his death. He was a Major of Artillery in the war and a friend of Washington. His father, also named Benjamin (died 1765), and his son, another Benjamin (died 1832), were also cabinetmakers.