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About The Feather Pattern

( Orginally published March 1947 )

Mrs. Clarence 0. Andrews, of Michigan, has very thoughtfully sent us a letter which contains much of the information concerning the Feather pattern which she has gained during ten years of collecting the ware. Her collection now contains a 76-piece service for eight, and includes salt and pepper shakers, syrup jug, nest of oval serving dishes, and the low 51 inch footed bowl or compote. She has seen a few pieces in the emerald green, and has a spoon holder in clear and amber. She says that since the plates, which she considers the keynote to the service, have the rosette center, she has collected that type for most of her set. Of especial value and worth to us is a list which she has compiled from her collection, and which classifies the pieces which she knows can be found in the different types of the Feather pattern, that is the Feather with either clear spaces between the tips, or in some cases a tiny ornamentation of three pointed ovals arranged In a fan shape at the very tips, and the other form which has a small cross-hatching between the tips. The list follows.

Tips either clear or carrying a tiny design at end, and having clear bases and a rosette center:

Water pitcher 8 1/2"
Milk pitcher 7 1/2"
Creamer 4 1/2"
Tumblers (Rosette center)
Wines 3 7/8"
Jam compote 4 1/2" diam. x 4 1/2" high
Flat sauces (Rosette center) 4" diam.
Plates 10" (Rosette center)
Covered sugar
Covered butter (Rosette center)
Cake stand
Salt and pepper shakers
Syrup jug, tin top
Nest of 3 oval dishes, 7", 8", 9" (Rosette centers)
Covered compote 7" tall
Round Bowl 7" (Rosette center)
Pickle dish (Rosette Center)
Vinegar cruet

In the form which carries a small cross-hatching between the feather tips, and which often appears with a star center, the bases carry a repeat of the feather design. In this form of the pattern, Mrs. Andrews writes, she has:

Honeys 3 1/2" diam. (Star centers)
Oval vegetable dish 9 1/4" (Star center)
Open compote (or bowl) 5" (Feather design on base)

We wish to acknowledge Mrs. Andrews' distinct contribution to a further refinement of the classification of this attractive pattern. More pieces turn up in these later patterns as we understand a thorough classification, and it is, we believe, the merit of this publication that it is able to amend or correct a list at any time, and in this way prevent the possibility of an incomplete list being accepted as final.