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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and Ideals

Let us not think that the greatest problems of life are material. Although physical difficulties perplex us, we have very earnest problems involving our attitudes. Mind is essentially cause which, when activated, conditions or creates physical states; and this happens more than we realize. Many so-called physical problems are directly traceable to mental causes, as psychiatrists have demonstrated.

Our problems then, to a great extent, derive from our emotions. The Arian is quick to sense this fact due to his powers of grasping truth quickly. We find Arians involving themselves in constructive mental studies for they, being of a mental sign, delight in such activity. Like attracts like. Arians are drawn to the belief that most of our ills are imaginary, existing in great part within our minds. Like the iceberg which displays but a small portion of its bulk above water, but hides immense parts below the surface, so our seeminglylimited body and circumstances have causes obscured in deeper regions of our souls.

The Arian is the type to delve into this higher mind, grasping its immutable laws, and learning to live in accordance with them. It is an old saying that we can never break the laws of Nature, but that we break ourselves upon them by refusing to cooperate with cosmic principles. Love is a cosmic principle. Thoughts of love create beauty and peace in our lives. Thoughts of ill-will bring about illness and inharmony. How necessary it is to think in line with Nature whose essence is ever good. In this way, we permit the normal currents of life to flow through us, manifesting expressions of life that are for our benefit. The ninth labor of Hercules is the control of mind, making it a channel for higher powers that require just such an instrument to express them invisible form. Arians are peculiarly fitted to give mental expression to the positive side of Nature.