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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and Self-Renewal

We expect the Arian to feel that self-development and renewal are akin to his own nature for this is the sign of "becoming." Development of his character fulfills possibilities locked within the nature of the Arian himself. Yet many persons who have within them untold powers and gifts fail to release these for useful living. The problem that here confronts the Arian is somewhat akin to that of the first labor of Hercules-namely, a realization of one's own individual powers and possibilities. Through understanding of one's inherent nature comes the knowledge of a path of development. This path may not always be one of outward action so much as an approach to life, a mental attitude we adopt toward ourselves and others.

The problem of grasping our mental powers, the ability to control our thoughts, is the key of untold value. The young Arian who adopts routine study, who practices proper selfcontrol, and finds a teacher that understands his impetuous nature and is willing to guide him in the development of inner resources, is on the path that leads to success in selfdevelopment and renewal.

Arians are persons who are intensely active and who long for constant change. Therefore they require periods of quietude and rest. Renewal of strength is linked with proper relaxation. It involves the ability to quiet the body and point the mind in the desired direction, recognizing the universe as releasing to us the good we desire. The Arian problem is not so much that of acquiring energy and building health as the direction of this energy into constructive channels. He must have a helpful philosophy. Every Arian has at some time in his life contacted a constructive philosophy or reliious thought. As all roads lead to the goal of Truth, if he will enter on his selected path and follow it through, he is bound to reach the desired goal. The path is simple: it means right thought, right actions, and the willingness to accept our good fortune.