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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

The sign of Aries is complementary to Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, with respect to marriage and partnerships. Arians are involved in partnerships from early childhood. They will be drawn into discussions and influenced by partnership matters even as young children. As they grow older, the problems of their own marriage then enter the picture for them. Regarding marriage, they may reflect the cooperative attitude of their parents, until later on-though often early in life-when the Arian is destined to marry. Any individual born under the banner of the first sign is fated to be a member of a cooperative endeavor, and to be the one in whose hands the guidance and direction of such relationship lies. The Arian is, then, the power in any union.

The adversities of matrimony may be inflicted upon Arians who fail to exercise control over their impetuous natures, reflecting the abrupt impulsiveness of Mars. Every Arian should find an antidote to his fiery temperament by looking into the sign of the opposition, Libra, itself ruled by the harmonious planet Venus. This power of Venus offers poise, balance, calmness and love to Arians, enabling them to weather the storms of otherwise difficult relationships. They should endeavor to cooperate with their partners, always remembering to sacrifice small personal aims when points of principle are not involved. To be willing to walk two miles rather than one, to be willing to give liberally even more than is asked, is the one method of completing the seventh labor of Hercules.

Thus, any Arian may make a success of his or her marriage if he will abide by the great rule of cooperation given us in the form of the Golden Rule-namely, to render to the partner that love and service we expect to receive from him. After all, the problems of the seventh type are life's most valued lessons which, when understood, give peace and happiness to the conquering Arian.