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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and the Problems of Health and Service

The first sign of the zodiac is one of the most vigorous of the twelve due to the fact that it is the initiating sign of Nature, representing the season of the year when life is in the process of renewal. It infolds latent energy, like a newlywound instrument, ready to release its power in the life and growth of the individual. We find Arians are perennially youthful principally because their sign is representative of early beginnings, newly arisen life in all forms. We know, then, why it is that Arians have such recuperative powers. If an Arian becomes ill, he does not remain incapacitated for long, for the natural ability of the body to regain strength is ever at work for him, giving that quick come-back. All of us, regardless of our sun sign, have greater powers of physical endurance than we believe. The human body is capable of enduring much more hardship and abuse than we imagine. It is not easy to incapacitate a human being, for he has within him Nature's remarkable healing powers.

The problems of health, then, do not discourage the Arian. He is eager to assume his duties in life, and his thoughts naturally turn to methods that are congenial to him. All Arians long for employment that offers the opportunity to show their initiative and skill. They are apt in the use of metals and machines. They may become physicians or dentists, for Mars, the ruling planet, imparts talent for these endeavors. They may become lawyers, or creators of women's fashions. In fact, they are capable along many lines.

The Arian spirit in work and attainment is definitely catching. Like a spark burning with a steady glow, the fiery heat of Aries blows upon the spirits of all people until it causes them to reflect the enthusiasm of the first sign. Like the Spring of the year, the Arian attitude is catching and intriguing. Those who run true to the quality of this sun sign find no difficulty in performing the labor of Hercules as expressed in the sixth zone involved with health and fruitful service.