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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and the Problems of Love and Happiness

We think of the fiery quality of the first sign of the zodiac as in keeping with the spirit of love, enthusiasm, and happiness. It is the very spirit of youthful vigor, a light-hearted attitude toward life which invites confidence. A very good descriptive phrase applicable to the typical Arian is "merry, light-hearted and gay." Their movements of head and arms are graceful. These persons are born dancers, expressing beauty of movement in lithesome bodies. We are not surprised to find many young Arians solving the problems of the fifth labor of Hercules early in life by finding happiness in drama, dancing and love.

It is not strange that we unite drama and love in the problems of the fifth labor. Do we not find that love is the major theme of nearly every story of the stage and screen? These must have the "heart interest." What magnet can attract like that of love? There is a living quality about love which is warming and comforting. It is the quality we associate with God.

Arians are enthusiastic lovers. They are generous in giving and, in turn, are gracious receivers. For as we give we receive, full measure, pressed down, and running over. This may not return to the Arian through the one upon whom he pours this affection, but it shall return to him through someone in the world, bringing its gift of happiness. Therefore, we do not find Arians who are "disappointed in love," for the magnetic quality of this sun sign creates around them that atmosphere which attracts people.

The Arian is never the type to be swept off his feet by blind attachment, for his head is always in the clear regarding heart interests. They are never foolish lovers, but are wise devotees of those who exhibit their ideal in character and attainment. Because of this, we find that Arians conquer the adventures of the fifth zone without difficulty. We all know that the Arian is subject to quick temper and "love quarrels," but these storms are short-lived, and the usual peace follows in due course.