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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and Finances

It would be a wonderful thing if we could sail through life without any problems at all, progressing just as though we had experienced and learned from them. Life does not appear to work that way, however, and most of us find we must pass through various types of difficulties which, when understood, release their prize of wisdom. The world values experienced people. It feels more secure when dealing with persons who have met and handled various problems, knowing that both knowledge and strength increase through use.

After we learn something regarding ourselves, then it is time to put this knowledge into practice. Nature arranges our life-activities for us in perfect order, for we meet the second labor in the astrological house of finances. We do not like to call this a problem of money; it is really a matter of contacting an adequate source of supply with which to meet the varied necessities of life.

Arians see clearly that, if they are to meet the financial problem, they must cultivate the practical virtue of being able to see the most obvious thing. The person who sees the right pathway in life has no choice but to follow it; but to see that path is not the easiest thing to do. Nature does not wait for Arians to move up to this problem of supply gradually, but plunges them into the matter at an early age, presenting it next to the labor of understanding themselves.

The law of compensation is ever at work, and we find that Arians are well-equipped mentally to cope with any situation. Nature signals to them that the use of the mind in constructive ideas is the one essential. They must plan a course of action and stick to the plan once made. These are not types to follow blindly in time-worn paths. They delight in new ways and methods. Arians are gifted in the art of design. They are apt at devising uses for metals, particularly iron. They are creators of new styles. Lines of work which offer action are pleasing to them. Mind, thought and action are the keys of financial success to Aries.