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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries Achieves the Goal

All gardens require preparation of soil for seeds that are to be sown. Accordingly, our personalities and life-activities need a great deal of cultivation. How to accomplish this preparation, what type of training to acquire, often trouble Arians as well as the other eleven types. It may take a long time before the right method is discovered. It is here that astrology offers aid to Arians who are apparently wandering around in circles in search of a life's work and the time and means to develop it.

Most of us can tell by our earliest likes and dislikes what our forte is. Some children, even at three or four years of age, show marked inclination toward certain lines of work. Many are gifted in language, art or music. Knowing Arians as we do, we suspect them of having abilities along mechanical lines. We feel that they can do creative writing. Such gifts as these may be developed in spare time if the Arian is unusually gifted, for strong talents develop quickly. Arians should feel out their strong points, decide upon one or two, and then cultivate them to perfection. The twelfth labor of Hercules, involved with self-preparation, requires that stick-to-itiveness which carries through to the end. It may mean hours, months, or years of preparation; but, if the Arian's ideal is high, and he has his feet placed upon the correct path, success lies waiting for him.

First-sign people must learn to become less self-centered, for they are essentially leaders, and the good leader is a person dedicated to a cause, to the welfare of others. One who is self-centered makes a poor leader and also a poor follower. To complete this labor requires voluntary discipline on the part of the Arian. He or she will find that others are eager to follow, instinctively recognizing the way-shower and teacher. The Arian must learn to love others and think of their welfare. It is an old story that love is the greatest goal, but bears repeating, being true.