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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and Friendship

There is one accomplishment which every person in the world desires. We can guess it: it is the art of making friends. A life without friendship is truly a bleak existence. We may not think of our blood relatives as included in the wide classification of friendships. However, all happy relationships, whether of blood or otherwise, are based upon the great, underlying principles of friendship. We need only look into all of the great religions of the world to see that the teachers have classified human sacrifices made in behalf of "friends" as among the greatest thing in the world, linking it with love. We can only truly love those whom we feel to be our equals, and it is to these whom we impart our secret longings and hopes. True friendship knows neither race, creed, sex, caste, nor color, for it is always above the purely physical.

Arians are strong in their likes and dislikes. They make friends quickly, and are given to "love at first sight." Just so, are they apt to "fall out" with some person who offends them; for the abrupt Mars influence expressed through the first sign can cause the Arian to make serious breaks in valuable relationships. The problem of the Arian then is to achieve a sense of perspective, never permitting some trivial incident to disrupt a valuable friendship.

When first sign people learn the art of unselfish love, making liberal allowances for the failings of others, they have performed the greatest of Herculean tasks. They discover that happiness grows out of self-control. They find that hopes and wishes tend to find fulfillment in their lives, perhaps quickly, for it is through friendships that we receive the greatest blessings. Love is short-lived and of little value unless it is linked with friendliness.

The eleventh labor is thus involved with human relationships out of which spring happiness.