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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and Success

We should never repress the desire for attainment nor belittle achievement, for the desire to succeed is natural and normal. Arians are quick to sense the importance of accomplishment in life. Even as young children, we find them making their mark at home and in school. The Arian is naturally ambitious, for his sign is one of fire, energy and life. The desire for self-expression is quite natural to them. It is good for the Arian to start early in life along the right path so that his achievement will be sure and permanent. These types are impatient and do not enjoy retracing their steps to make new starts.

Arians are sometimes troubled by unjustified feelings of superiority. Their desire to attain is so strong that they often lack sufficient patience to wait for development to take place. All things have a natural growth principle, and Arians, like everyone else, must abide by this law. However, one certain way to stimulate quicker progress is to encourage the desired growth through right attention. Right attention means enthusiasm, faith and imagination.

True attainment, fame, and honor come to those who work for the sake of the work accomplished, and who resist all feelings of superiority. An outstandingly fine work will need no praise from the one who performs it. Arians find they do outstandingly fine work along lines which are in keeping with their ruling planet Mars. They are excellent builders, mechanics, engineers, contractors, dentists, soldiers, surgeons and managers. We do not want to neglect to mention congenial occupations to be followed by the Arian girls whose enthusiastic Mars influence gives us our finest teachers, nurses, home-makers and designers. Creative by nature, they can easily bring their powers of imagination to bear upon any of the many lines of endeavor that have a natural affinity with their natures.