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Aries - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aries and Self-Knowledge

Are you an Arian? Then know that yours is the privilege of beginning many new undertakings, including the task of understanding yourself, and of accomplishing this latter problem easily and quickly. This achievement of self-knowledge is the one important thing that leads to successful living. To know yourself enables you, as an Arian, to accomplish successfully not only the first, but all of the Herculean tasks. Arians must know primarily that they are Nature's powercenters, created for the purpose of bringing new ideas and activities into their own lives and the lives of others. Discovering new methods of cooperating with natural law so that Nature, in turn, releases her bounties for the good of the Arian, is the principal object of their lives.

It is impossible to understand this sign without knowing something of the nature of their ruling planet, Mars, as it works in and through persons born under its dominion. This planet is a center of dynamic action in our solar system. Its fiery rays impart a creative, restless urge within the heart of Arians forcing them to some manner of dynamic self-expression. It gives vigor and enthusiasm. We find that these are types whose minds are active except when they are asleep. Even then we wonder whether such activity is not transferred to the unconscious realm in interesting and prophetic dreams which inspire the Arian in his waking state.

Arians are, then, very attractive types whose energy, initiative, zeal and enthusiasm lead them into successful enterprises. But this same power, when misdirected, can lead them into danger, unless they cultivate self-control and poise. Like the color red, this sign of new life gives the world its pioneers, its intrepid explorers, its ceaseless toilers for the progress of the world through the application of new ideas and methods. Arians are people who break away from the old and effete, introducing innovations and progressive changes for the use of man.