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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and Ideals

The Aquarian, like the Libran, is Nature's idealist. Even as a young child he inquires into the why and wherefore of things, as he perceives higher goals for humanity. He wishes to convert others to these perceptions. Aquarius is the sign of ideality, forever striving to make its principles known to the world through its own natives. We find these people joining humanitarian movements for the betterment of the world. We find them espousing causes of universal brotherhood, often inviting criticism of themselves from those who do not understand their true motives. Aquarians are often accused of being impractical and radical but, deep within their souls, they have but one thought-that of helping their fellow-man, their community, their country. These types feel an instinctive relationship with all beings regardless of race, creed or color. Their stand is for individual freedom and justice.

It is but natural that these types should run into conflict with conventional or reactionary associates when they endeavor to put their ideas into practice. Many Aquarians sacrifice all that they have for their goals and, like Abraham Lincoln, rise to supreme heights through self-sacrifice. Eleventh-sign people are aggressive. Their thoughts are extremely clear cut. Precision is their watchword. As courageous as they are, if they meet defeat, it but spurs them on to greater effort. The courageous individual is never the one to be afraid, but rather to hold his ground, trying to convince his listeners through logical reasoning. Aquarians are noted for their ability to act positively and wisely to advance their plans. They may sit alone and visualize to themselves how they will attempt this, but they never fail to take positive action. This is their means of achieving success and winning through to the ideal. By using the mind in this manner, Aquarians find they do receive help from both seen and unseen sources, and in this way they solve the problem of establishing their ideals both in personal, close associations and in more universal ways which become signposts for the guidance of those who follow after them.