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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and Self-Renewal

People of the eleventh sign delight in thinking over the problems of self-renewal, interested as they are, that which benefits humanity. To study philosophy gauged to their own reactions is thrilling indeed to these realists. However, eleventh-sign people are not those who believe everything they read, accepting, unreservedly and in tota, every suggestion without thorough investigation first. They must be convinced that a belief is feasible and logical, that it will work out in actual practice, before they sponsor it. Because of the desire to know and to prove, they make excellent critics and judges. They are careful lest any doctrine be promulgated which does not possess the "ring of truth."

When it comes to such subjects as renewal of the body through proper control of thought and emotion, Aquarius finds so many instances in daily experience that he is only too willing to carry them into his own life. He sees the obvious results of wrong thought, and also the effects of persistent worry, fear, and other threats to psychological well-being. Aquarians consider the act of purposeful thought to bring about corresponding good in their own and other people's lives. If fear and worry cause diseases, then love, faith and hope can lead to happiness and success.

Aquarians try to lift themselves and their associates out of the "slough of despond" and into wider recognition of universal hope and joy. They endeavor to free their associates from the binding power of personal limitations expressed particularly in adverse thought. This is the major power needed in the renewal processes of human life and, if persistently practiced, proves to be the magic potion which does renew the individual in body and circumstance.