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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

Aquarians make the finest partners, for they believe in freedom in human relationships. They know that any partnership based upon principle, and entered into by interdependent persons of high moral character will produce confidence and mutual understanding.

Uranus, the ruling planet of this sign bestows upon Aquarians such striking individuality that these persons stand out from the group with characteristics all their own. Aquarians, like Librans, are essentially peace-makers who thrive upon an atmosphere of harmony. When any partnership in which they are involved registers dissonance or inharmony, Aquarians respond to these negative conditions by becoming actually ill, and cannot do their best work in these surroundings. They are not persons to take injustice silently, and can be sudden and explosive in their reactions. When people understand the highly sensitive nature of the eleventh sign, and endeavor to cooperate with them, happy successful partnerships result.

The planet, Uranus, the lucky star of Aquarius, is representative of the most exalted type of love, stepping up the human Venus quality to a higher octave. Aquarians believe that marriages are made in heaven, and they long for this reciprocal love. We expect these people to find congenial companionship, especially in marriage, and often at an early age. This lucky planet foretells such a fate for the impersonal and highly-developed individual of this advanced sign. Marriage presents no difficulties to the Aquarian, destiny allows him to meet the one individual the stars declare to be his true mate. Let Aquarians show us how to handle the problems of partnerships and marriage; they, above all signs have the wisdom and love necessary for the successful expression of cooperative attitudes. Aquarians are most congenial with Librans and Gemini types, but fire-sign people extend a warm hand also. Eleventh-sign people understand all types, but it is not always easy for other types to understand the Aquarian.