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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and the Problems of Health and Service

The reader may wonder why it is that health, service and work are linked together under one astrological heading. These three expressions of our nature pertain essentially to the bodily side of life. They are closely connected with our physical wellbeing. Without health, we cannot work; and without work, we cannot provide ourselves with the necessities of life. When work is raised to its highest level, it becomes the quality of unselfish service which, if it were performed by every one of us, would be very quick to bring about a condition of "Peace on earth, good will toward men."

Aquarians are great workers and unselfish servers. They turn their fine gifts into labor for human betterment. They become writers who make constructive thoughts the substance of their essays, and who study each word, its meaning and power, elaborating with great care. Aquarians, like Sagittarians, seldom miss their way in any intellectual endeavor. These are intellectual types who achieve fame because of brilliance, originality, and hard work. They turn their talents into many occupations. Women of the sign excel in social service work, nursing, teaching, and home economy. Men are inventors, electricians and designers. Both are fond of sports, aviation, and modern art. As an example of a great Aquarian inventor and worker, we mention Thomas Edison. He possessed unusual powers of concentration and was gifted with an inspired imagination.

As to health, Aquarians who maintain balance in their physical, mental and spiritual activities find that they progress satisfactorily and are not subject to illness. If, however, they lose perspective and fail to maintain all phases of their nature in balance, they are subject to nervous ailments, colds, and infection. Aquarians should be careful of diet, for they are sensitized to certain foods. Also, they should be careful of the mental food they partake of, or this has a way of influencing them, either elevating or depressing them. On the whole, Aquarians have good physical constitutions, wellfitted to performing their outstanding duties in life.