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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and the Problems of Love and Happiness

Aquarians find that Nature helps them to win love and happiness, to attract congenial friends and the right mates. Their associates, lovers, and relatives appreciate the impersonal, free, delightful way of these eleventh sign people. Give your Aquarian friend freedom, and you will hold his love. These types are dependent upon happy human relationships, and are destined to find love and happiness. Fate brings them unexpectedly into their own in most unusual ways, and we find the eleventh sign person enjoying his loveproblems just as we all do.

Aquarians are romantic, and find it difficult to find any one person who fulfills all of their idealistic dreams. Also, because they are somewhat impersonal in all relationships, they seldom become so involved in purely emotional attachments as to lose perspective. However, in the quality of other signs, particularly the heart-centered, fire types, we often do find emotions running riot. Aquarians can be glad that, although they do find great happiness in personal love, they are not dominated by the negative emotions that result from its selfish expression. People who base their entire lives and happiness upon any one other person are worried lest this one shall be removed from them. This constant fear undermines the nervous system, which is highly organized and subject to tension. As long as everything goes smoothly and the threat of loss does not enter the mind, life appears rosy and gay. But as no earthly association is of absolute certainty, it does not do to base our hopes and desires entirely upon one object or plane.

Each one of us can endure a great deal of worry, doubt, and emotional unheaval, but everyone has his limits. The stronger the personal attachment, the greater the pain of loss-or even the threat of a loss. Wisdom asks us to exercise judgment in our emotional life, and Aquarius is wise in this respect.