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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius: [Self-Knowledge]  [Finances]  [Human Relationships]  [The Home]  [Love]  [Health]  [Marriage]  [Self-Renewal]  [Ideals]  [Success]  [Friendship]  [Goals] 

Aquarius and the Home

When we bring the unique element of the eleventh sign person into a home environment of his own we have introduced someone who steps up its "voltage" and brings an unusual quality of interest into the activities connected therewith. It is said that typical persons of Aquarius are always found departing from accepted standards and customs, for they have original ideas as to how a home should be conducted and, if permitted self-expression, they build into it something of this creative originality. They are up-to-date persons who are objective in all their reactions. They are not addicted to daydreaming, but rather are active workers in any area, including the home. We can expect the Aquarian dwelling to give us something new in the way it is conducted. This unique expression may find an outlet in such ordinary matters as food and the way it is served; in the freedom the family is permitted to enjoy; and in the general and liberal attitude toward the rights of others.

Aquarians delight in beauty, but their ideas may run toward the ultra-modernistic in color and design. They derive a great deal of benefit from reading books, and we may be sure their home libraries contain volumes on philosophy, psychology, and psychiatry. As these are students of history also, we find historical writings on their reading tables, and even the lowly detective story finds its niche. Aquarians possess unique powers of concentration and, if the home circle permits, they will withdraw into their own worlds. Resenting others' control over them, they delight in personal liberty and are equally willing that others enjoy the same rights. Aquarians value their homes above all earthly possessions for these homes offer them opportunities which Aquarians feel are most necessary to human expression. Love, kindness, understanding and unselfishness are developed in the home atmosphere and this domain is as ideal a dwelling place as we may expect on earth.