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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and Human Relationships

Aquarians and their human relationships present a very interesting problem, if such it can be termed. With an Aquarian in our midst, we hardly know what to expect as to his attitudes or activities, except that they are certain to be unique and unexpected. We need very much to keep an eye upon him, not so much to prevent him from misbehaving as to benefit from his interesting method of handling human relationships. This gift appears to be one of his greatest delights, for Aquarians enjoy all social dealings with others, being interested primarily in human beings and their welfare. Therefore, if we find one attempting to change things around to his liking and failing to live up to old ideas of how others think things should be done, we know that Uranus is having his new way with him, and that our part is to stop, look, and listen to catch the Uranian step and his lively tempo.

Eleventh sign people express themselves in either of two major ways: Those who are very advanced and appear to be "ahead of their time"; and those who have not quite attained to this high point and are still reacting to a lower and more selfish side of their natures. It is these lower types who have the real problem in human relationships, for the advanced people know, above all things, how to work with a group to win its love and confidence. The more self-centered Aquarians can disrupt good human relationships and make enemies for themselves by unthinkingly displaying their self-centeredness.

However, there is no such thing as a hopelessly selfish person. The minute one awakens to the fact that he can overcome these defects, and desires to do so, he is on the way to forming good social contacts. It is said that "the doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance," and it is so. By realizing that we do have imperfections of character, we have won half our battle. By displaying generosity and good will to persons who have better fortune than we, we show these people that we, ourselves, have grown immensely. The keynote of solving life-relationships for Aquarius, then, is the development of this quality of good-will to everyone. It brings its own reward of happiness.