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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius: [Self-Knowledge]  [Finances]  [Human Relationships]  [The Home]  [Love]  [Health]  [Marriage]  [Self-Renewal]  [Ideals]  [Success]  [Friendship]  [Goals] 

Aquarius and Finances

Aquarians are not "financially minded" in the sense that they are seekers after material wealth; yet, they are interested in every phase of successful living, and are willing to work toward this. In fact, people in this sign are noted for their dislike of a materialistic world, despising, as they do, pretense and sham. This, the sign of the "Awakener," is devoted to ideals which have as their objective the lifting of the heavy burdens of humanity. Its natives long to make earth life as enjoyable as possible for the greatest number. For this reason, Aquarians are diligent in the endeavor to create new ideas and also the means of realizing them. Thus, as investigators of human nature, people of the eleventh sign rank first on the list.

The mental quality of Aquarius leans toward scientific research. The sign gives us scholars, philosophers, and reformers. Never the types to jump at conclusions, they are inclined to be more mental than emotional. Aside from writing and teaching, we find them excelling in such vocations as radio technicians, inventors, aviation and electrical engineers. They make excellent aviators for the air quality of the eleventh sign is thoroughly in keeping with all activities connected with this element. These are our diet specialists and food faddists. We find them interested in medicine and although they may not choose to pursue the medical profession themselves, Aquarians understand a great deal of the art of healing. They are students who desire to know for the sake of knowledge alone.

It is extremely precarious to have an Aquarian around if we desire to maintain the status quo in the running of our affairs. Aquarius instinctively feels it his duty to call our attention to the fact that innovations are necessary and, with his usual adroitness, will suddenly throw a current of his Aquarian power into our old, set affairs-even into our old systems of thinking-bringing about a complete change in our business and social activities. Aquarians are never behind the times, but are up-to-date sponsors of modern enterprises. Their problems are to enlighten us as they become aware and enlightened, to arouse us to the call of their new day.