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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius Achieves the Goal

Aquarius, the sign of the Water-bearer, is the symbol of the New Age now dawning. It is bringing into the life of all people a quality which is entirely different from the Piscean Age through which we are passing, and which we are now in the process of completing. This newer age to come is that of the astrological element, air. It is electric and dynamic. It is bringing an era of inventions, air travel, and many other great advantages. Besides, this, the Aquarian Age, is giving us insight into the Laws of Mind. We are becoming more aware day by day of the power of the mind over the body, and even over the environment. The goal of the Aquarian, then, is to help to bring in this New Age successfully and peaceably. We are to see a transformation of the life of human beings through higher understanding and love.

These ideals become the goal of eleventh-sign people who are receiving, even unconsciously, the "pure waters of Aquarius" into their minds, and who are natural channels for the powers of the sign. When they undertake such endeavors as inventive work, mental or scientific vocations, teaching or healing, we know that they are expressing this Uranian Spirit. In fact, Aquarius brings a spirit of Life into any of his activities whatever they may be, imparting a new quality to them; and, although he may be performing an old job which has been done millions of times before, when the Aquarian sets his hand to it, he invests something of his own uniqueness, and the result will be different and better.

Aquarians have outstanding powers of concentration, and let nothing stand between them and their goal. Thus, as creative writers, research-workers, home-makers, mothers and teachers, the true Aquarian is our country's pride. Their influence lifts everything it touches, for no one has a more exalted objective than the Aquarian.