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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and Friendship

People who are classed as intellectual rather than emotional make the finest types of friends, and these friendships last throughout the years. It is true that marriage based upon friendship rests upon a solid foundation, capable of weathering the hardships of life, whereas purely emotional relationships are subject to upheaval. Often, the clear-seeing individual will not only steer his own "ship of life," but that of his friend to a port of understanding. So we pay tribute to the mind and high ideals which make principle the guiding light. Someone has said we cannot select our relatives, but can very happily choose our friends. Aquarius values his friends above all treasures, for this is astrologically the sign of "friendship." The fulfillment of satisfying life-relationships means happiness to Aquarians.

Eleventh-sign people are understanding teachers. This type of helper is the best possible friend to have. In talking over one's personal relationships with a teacher who is versed in the art of building happy human relationships, valuable aid is received. It may mean the beginning of a new phase of life, one of growth and attainment, one of happy associations with one's friends. We do not desire to withdraw from our social groups, but rather do we want to be linked with them, feeling a closer kinship. People may be forced to withdraw from associations and friendly groups temporarily because of difficulties in personal relationships, but this is, after all, a weak way of handling the situation. We should be capable of adjusting ourselves while in the midst of the crowd, learning to take an objective view of the matter and keeping our poise in the face of dissension. It is only when we permit our emotional nature to "turn in" on us and become subjective that we run into trouble. Just as long as we can maintain an objective attitude, never permitting offenses to "get under our skin," so long may we say that we are beyond the danger of becoming involved in adverse situations which cause severance of personal relationships. Aquarians know this, for they are essentially impersonal in all human ties.