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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and Success

It is said that the greatest happiness we experience in life is that of striving to attain some goal we have set for ourselves. Aquarians know this to be true, and work unceasingly to bring about the fulfillment of their dreams. They do not seek the personal reward of such effort, but rather the constructive fruits of their work as it benefits others. The joy of this type of attainment becomes a crown of happiness to the eleventh-sign individual.

Yet Aquarius never seeks to attain to a position of importance at the expense of someone else, but he endeavors to build his own success as perfectly as he can, allowing others the same privilege. One of the finest traits of the Aquarian is that of universal good will. Envious individuals never get very far with the public, for people are quick to sense this weakness. The person thus belittling himself in the eyes of the public never holds a place of honor long. Envy, then, is a definite handicap in the achievement of success, and it is undermining in its effects on human relationships. Why do we find so many Aquarians in high positions? It is because they are sensitive people. They are quick to catch the inner reactions of others. This quality is an invaluable aid in helping them hold approval, and it prevents their making mistakes. If we are to achieve greatness, we have to learn to travel softly through life, never purposely wounding others. To injure others causes them to withdraw from us, and we then lose the opportunity of helping them. To chastise and correct others is to help them, but to criticize in a spirit of envy is to injure.

Impersonal people of the eleventh sign learn to respect all life. They learn to act in a positive manner, radiating a feeling of friendliness to everyone, regardless of others' reactions to them. The ideal is always kept in mind, let the chips fall where they may. With this attitude, and with the Aquarian's natural gifts, there can be no doubt that success will be won by them even though they do not consciously seek such. It comes to the deserving as a gift from life.